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Weekly Update: HOBH and The Baby

Film: Hunt Or Be Hunted
Film: Hunt Or Be Hunted

Next Filming Project: “HUNT OR BE HUNTED”

Production Company: Highway 220 Productions
Directors: Chris Holloway, AD. Kenny Holloway
Excutive Producer: Derek Burnett
Genre: Horror
Role: Cassie
Filming: July 25 – 30th
Location: Charleston, SC

A short film about demonic possession. A little girl’s innocent mistake causes a demon to be released to wreck havoc on her family and the town in 1960. The demon is in control of the entire town until a group of college kids happen upon the demons homeland while on spring break. It will be up to them to find the objects needed to once again banish the demon or die in the process. Based on a story written by Chris Holloway.

Just Cast: “THE BABY”

Production Company: Arneson Productions
Producer: Kent Arneson
Director: Kenny Wade Marshall
Screenplay by: Jerrod Bogard
Based on a Play by: Kyle Greer
Role: Mary

More information soon to come!


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