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Recent Projects – Thank You!

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I admit, I have been slacking lately in updating my website and all the exciting things that have been going on. I promise to be better. 🙂

In the meantime, I want to say thank you to two projects I just recently finished working on – “A Man Possessed” and “Attachment.”


The independent feature film A MAN POSSESSED, which was written and is being directed by Amel J. Figueroa. This film is being produced by SaintSinner Entertainment, and stars Ricardo Segarra, Gina Martino, Alex Russo, Cyrus Samson & Tom Laughlin.

Here are some stills from our reshoot day:

AMP - Still 6

AMP - Still 5

AMP - Still 4

AMP - Still 3

AMP - Still 2

AMP - Still 1

Special thanks to Amel Figueroa – It was a pleasure working with you on this project. Note: This film has recently wrapped.

Don’t forget to like the Facebook page:


Recently, I had the chance to play the lead role in a film by Charlie DesJardin and Crystal Janke. Also had the pleasure of working with actors Peter Coleman ( and Lisa DiFiore (

Thank you Charlie and Crystal for having me be a part of your project!


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